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N95 (KN95) Mask – Official (limited supply)


Official KN95 mask

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For those that want an enhanced protection from the harmful elements in the air, a KN95 mask is one of the best options out there. There is a nationwide shortage of these extremely effective masks, but we have a few unbranded face masks for those who want them. Available while supplies last:

  • KN95 masks offer 95% filtration capacity
  • 5 layers of protective material, high-quality efficient mask respirator offering a reliable and effective barrier
  • N95 masks Protection against fine airborne particles, dust, mists, pollutants, viruses, and more
  • Elasticated head strap for a universal tight fit
  • Adjustable nose clip for a perfect seal
  • Comfortable Ear-loop to safely hold and secure the mask in place all day long
  • Made of top-quality soft material, won’t hurt with prolonged use
  • This KN95 mask is FDA & CE Cleared
  • Keeps you safe from germs
  • Anti-Dust

Want 20% off?? Order 3 or more and use coupon code MultiMask. For extra filters or different style masks go here. The optional ear saver will connect the mask behind your head so you don’t need to hook it around your ears (see photo).


*We make no claim that this mask is guaranteed to stop the coronavirus/COVID-19

**Mask not meant for babies/infants

Weight 2 oz


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