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Tubular Bandana, Face & Neck (Various Styles)


Custom tubular bandanas by I Love Being Black.

This tubular bandana will cover your face and neck. It’s also called a neck tube, neck gaiter, neck sock, head sock, etc. You can actually wear this stretchy fashion statement in many, many different ways including: A face/neck mask, balaclava, beanie, bandana, headband, scarf, du-rag, wrist sweatband, hair tie and more.

For extra filters or different style masks go here.

  • Polyester, soft, breathable
  • Multi-functional
  • Wind-proof
  • UV-proof
  • Design on front AND back
  • 18″ H x 9″ W
Weight 2 oz
Mask Options

Red Black & Green Flag & Fist, Red Black & Green, Kente, I Love Being Black (all over print), Pharaoh, Olmec


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