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About Us

Black Fist Up

About Us.

I Love Being Black (iLBB) is comprised of a small team of Black entrepreneurs, strategists & thinkers. Based in Oakland, CA, USA, but as a global people we claim the entire earth as our domain. We are fathers, mothers, community, we are you.

iLBB was founded by Kumi Rauf in 1997. We officially started the business a few years later, then hit 1,000,000 fans on Facebook and began to be known around the world. Today we have over 6 million fans on Facebook and Instagram.

Collectively we focus on positivity, awareness and action amongst Black people worldwide. We work with youth locally and abroad, and participate in events and speaking engagements frequently.

We also support nonprofits such as the Celebrating Life Foundation, National Society of Black Engineers, United Negro College Fund, Feed The Hood, and more. We work tirelessly to create dialogue and action that move our people forward.

Want to travel? Take the next trip with us and Traveling Black.

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