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As Black businesses we always need to do an excellent job at marketing and promotions. One of the best ways to promote your product is for a large page (like ours) to do it for you 😉! We will do a product review as we stream live to our Facebook audience of over 6 million fans. You can select from the following choices for us to rave about your product:

  • Short Review: We will review your product for a few minutes out of a longer session where we are also reviewing other products and services. We will give an overview of your product, list a few things we like about it and tell people how they can purchase it in addition to an optional coupon code to use
  • In-Depth Product Review: For maximum exposure we offer a longer, more in-depth review option. This option is a private video all about your product. It includes everything listed in the short review, but also: a product demonstration video (you provide), discussion about the top 5 reasons why your product is amazing, sharing photos of your product (you provide), live Q&A from our fans. We also include a second post for the recorded live stream in case anyone missed it live.
*We are very selective about who we allow into this program
**For physical products we must have the product in hand. You may arrange for us to return it to you after the review
Product Review Length

Short Review (3min, $100), In-Depth Review (10min, $500)


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